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Versator Applications

The Versator can be used on virtually any hot or cold liquid that can be poured or pumped including heat and shear sensitive materials. The Versator has successfully processed the following:

Laundry Detergent
Laundry Detergent
Lubricating Grease
Lubricating Grease
Fruit Juice
Fruit Juice
Adhesive Jelly
Aloe Ketchup
Antibiotic Latex
Barbecue Sauce Lattices
Bath gel Lipstick
Blush Liquid Cleaner
Building Products Liquid Soap
Candle Wax Lotion
Caulk Lubricants
Cheese Maple Syrup
Chemicals Mascara
Chewing Gum Mayonnaise
Cocktail Mix Mustard
Colorant Nail Polish
Concealer Nut Butters
Cooking Oil Oil
Corn Syrup Ointment
Cosmetics Organisol
Cream Paint
Detergent Pastes
Drink Mix (Liquid) Peanut Butter
Dye Pigments
Egg Plastics
Emulsions Plastisol
Epoxy Body Filler Resin
Foundation Salad Dressing
Fruit Juice Sealants
Gel Capsule Filler Shampoo
Glue Shortening
Grease Shower Gel
Gums Soaps
Hair Colorant Soft Drinks
Hair Conditioner Sorbet
Hair Gel Surfactants
Hair Relaxer Tinting Color
Honey Tinting Wax
Ice Cream Toothpaste
Injectables Water
Inks Yogurt

Besides descriptions, the best way to see the Versator's effectiveness is with before and after samples - in a graduated cylinder or pressed between glass slides!

In addition to the removal of air, foam, or gas, the Versator's operation also performs secondary benefits:

PAINT will benefit from deaeration and the Versator’s operation will also DISPERSE an improved consistency and appearance.

SALAD DRESSING needs the entrapped air removed for filling and shelf life plus the Versator's operation will also EMULSIFY for an improved product.

GREASE has long been processed with the Versator for deaeration and homogenization plus the Versator's high vacuum can REMOVE TRACES OF MOISTURE which are not desired in the finished product.

CHEMICALS which are processed through the Versator will not only be degassed; they can also have solvents or residuals purposely stripped by the high vacuum.

GELS and LOTIONS benefit greatly from the removal of entrapped air and the Versator can also HOMOGENIZE the material for an improved consistency.

PEANUT BUTTER benefits from the removal of entrapped air and the Versator can also MIX and BLEND the material