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D-26LH Versator

Disc Size
26" diameter
Motor Size
25 HP
Drive Type
Drive Housing with motor (belts/sheaves)
Drive Housing with motor (direct-coupled)
Flow Rate
5 to 125 GPM
18.93 – 473.18 LPM
Standard construction (non-polished, NPT connections)
  • Carbon Steel
  • Semi-Stainless Steel (wetted parts-Stainless Steel)
  • Stainless Steel
Polished/Sanitary construction (polished, sanitary fitting connections)
  • Stainless Steel
Interior Polishing
Larger size Scoop Tube Assembly
Motor Enclosure – explosion-proof, wash-down, severe duty
Gasket Material
Scoop Tube Tip Material
Package Options
Vacuum Pump
Vacuum piping with knock-out filter
Electrical Control Panel – NEMA 12, 4 (SS), 7 (XP)
Two Tier Table or Base (steel or 304SS)
Chamber Connections
Standard Construction
Feed: 2" NPT
Discharge: 2" NPT
Vacuum: 3" NPT
Vacuum Gauge: 1/4" NPT
Drain: 2" NPT
Polished/Sanitary Construction
Feed: 2" TC
Discharge: 2" TC
Vacuum: 3" TC
Vacuum Gauge: 1" TC
Drain: 2" TC