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Versator Models

  D-8 Versator Drawing D-16EH Versator Drawing D-26LH Versator Drawing
Versator Model D-8 D-16EH D-26LH
Versator Disc Size 8" Diameter 16" Diameter 26" Diameter
Versator Model Flow Rate* 1/4-2 GPM 1-20 GPM 5-125 GPM
* Versator flow rates will depend on the amount of entrapped air and the properties of the material.

Features of the Cornell Versator

  • Removal of entrapped air, foam, or gas from liquids under high vacuum.
  • Efficient mixing, blending, homogenization, dispersion, emulsification, removal of moisture or distillation of residuals as a simultaneous secondary benefit.
  • The principle of operation is the same for each Versator model size.
  • Process virtually any pourable or pumpable liquid - hot or cold - from water to hot chewing gum.
  • Heat sensitive and shear sensitive products can be processed.
  • Design allows all of the processed material to be exposed in a thin film to high vacuum.
  • Continuous operation (no timed cycle) and can be installed in-line or used for batch processing.
  • Additional pumps for feed and discharge are not necessary in most installations. Material can be discharged from vacuum chamber by operating design.
  • Few spare parts subject to wear and easy access to interior parts for inspection and cleaning.
  • Minimal product loss during operation.

Typical Versator System

Versator System Drawing